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TinyTunes And Everything You Need To Know About It!

The current age, demands a need for music as any other age. The best thing about this age is that everything is available on the mobile in our palms. There are though only a few dedicated apps for seamless audio music download and streaming for free. I, for one, listen to music a major part of my day. Be it waiting for bus, walking down the road, waiting for food, while working, music helps you concentrate and at the same time calms your mind. It is very therapeutic; at the same time, it compliments emotions running in your soul. You need an app for free streaming and downloading for a few reasons:

download tiny tunes app

  • You can save a great deal of your data by listening to music (in mp3 mode) than over YouTube.
  • For those days, when your internet connectivity is frequently facing connectivity issues.
  • For saving yourself from the hassle of searching your favourite song, over and over again, by letting you download it for free.

TinyTunes is one such app, which lets you stream and download music for free!

Why TinyTunes?

TinyTunes is the ultimate free music streaming and downloading app. No, I just didn’t write ultimate for the heck of it.

  • You can find any song (unless it’s not your own creation in your head) over this app. Yes, the name is pretty ironic for an app with astronomical song collection.
  • It’s free to use and has amazing user interface, enriching your experience.
  • You can find different versions of the same song over this app (yes, that is amazing).
  • You can stream for free the song or preview it before you make up your mind to download it.
  • The vast collection of songs is also a vivid collection from every genre and era!
  • Top new chart busters and charts from Billboard too!

Is It Available On Android Playstore, iOS AppStore or Kindle AppStore?

In the earlier days of  Android Playstore, you might have found TinyTunes available for download. But in the more recent times, TinyTunes has been removed from from PlayStore and is also not available on iOS AppStore or Kindle AppStore. Though, you have no need to worry, as it has not vanished from existence. You can still download TinyTunes apk from its website. (Click here to go to the link)

How To Download Tinytunes On Android?

It is very simple and easy to download TinyTunes over your Android phone. Follow the below steps to successfully and ‘securely’ download TinyTunes over your Android phone.

  1. Go to your settings menu, and allow installation from unknown sources. Leave it be, if it is already checked. (This allows you to downloads apps not from the PlayStore.)
  2. Click this link and download the TinyTunes apk to your Android phone. (Any Android phone with Android 2.3 or above is compatible.)
  3. After the apk is downloaded, a notification will pop on your mobile, click it and then hover down and click on install. (Don’t forget to read the agreement!)
  4. After installation, open the app and whammy! You are good to rock your ear with your taste of music.

The App Guide After Installation!

  • On the home screen of the app you would see settings and search tool on the top right.

Over the settings you have the option to update the app manually and below it an automatically update check option.

Also, you have the option to change download location and also automatically scan for pending loads upon opening the app.

Lastly in the settings, you have the option to set search engine for searching songs.

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  • This search tool, saves your previous searches. (Just in case you are disconnected from the internet in the middle of a search.)

You will also find ‘new search’ option, if you wish to start afresh.

  • Next, below that, you will find four icons, namely, charts, downloads, library and playing. While charts provides different charts from Billboard top 100 to iTunes top songs and others.

The other categories (downloads, library and playing) are self explanatory.

Downloads shows the songs currently being downloaded, library is your list of songs already downloaded and playing is the song playing over TinyTunes player.

Is it not too simple to use and very useful music app!?

How To Install Tiny Tunes On iOS?

To install over your iOS device, your device must be first and foremost a jail broken iPhone. There is no .ipa for this app, but you can always use an android emulator for iPhone or iPad. (Use this link to download emulator)

  • Download the android emulator over your iDevice and install it.
  • Download TinyTunes using this link.
  • Run it after transferring it your iDevice, using the android emulator you already installed.

Installing Tinytunes On PC/Laptop On Windows!

  • As you have done for your iDevice, you would first need to download an android emulator for your PC/laptop. Blue stacks is a popular emulator for PC/laptops. (Use this link to download.)
  • Then, you have to download the .apk file for TinyTunes from here and run iron blue stacks. For this download it over PC/laptop and upon download, right click and use the option ‘open with blue stacks’.
  • Install it over blue stacks and you are good to go!

While we have already mentioned TinyTune’ amazing features, here are few irksome cons (just a few):

  • The search sometimes is pretty nasty, as you need to choose the right keywords for the exact version you wish to listen.
  • Sometimes, some of the tracks from albums or of artists are not complete.
  • Needs third party emulators over some devices. (But we already have you covered there in the earlier segments!)
  • App crash, though not frequent but can be expected from time to time and ya, the bugs!

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Even after the the above mentioned cons, TinyTunes has still got features which are simply awesome. If you can navigate in the right manner, it has nearly a never ending pool of songs at your whip. From latest to the jazz era, it has everything to twitch and twist your ear drums. Sometimes it’s got even more! I would recommend TinyTunes for a good experience of free and boundless audio streaming and downloading.

Let us know if you wish to know more about TinyTunes. Leave us comments and feedback’, we love hearing from you! You and me, we all love listening to songs. Ramble on!

Updated: November 22, 2017 — 6:56 am

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