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Everyone likes to binge watch their favorite movies/tv series. Technology & the Internet has made it possible to watch/stream movies from any place. Moreover, dozens of such movies streaming sites & apps have started pouring in. This has given the users too many choices. With many choices, users always want to pick the best one. 123movies, hands down, is the best website to watch any movie or tv series online. It can stream from a Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet. However, there are times when 123movies is not accessible due to 123movies server issues. At that moment, sites like 123movies can be used temporarily.

Let me first escort the fact the 123movies has recently been rebranded to Gomovies. However, the 123movies mirror sites are still live and you can always stream movies there. But in times of crisis when these sites are also down, users can move on to the 123movies alternatives. Do not hesitate, because most of these alternatives to 123movies are quite good and reliable. So today I’m going to list down the best sites like 123movies and explain distinct features about each of them. I hope the list will come in handy for users when 123movies servers would be down.

#1 Fmovies.is

Fmovies gives the best competition to the 123movies due to its impeccable stats. The site has grown up to be really matured and has acquired a good deal of users who actively use it every day. The site has astonishing similar looks as compared to 123movies, which means that users won’t have any trouble adapting to the interface. Moreover, users won’t be irritated with ads or pop-ups that usually decorate the whole page of movie streaming sites. Hence if 123movies is not working, Fmovies should be the second best thing you should be holding on to.

#2 Solarmovies.to

There are two prime reasons why I recommend Solarmovies. The first is a huge collection of movies & tv series. There were times when I could end up with solarmovie because I couldn’t find a particular movie on other movie streaming sites. So if you’re having a bad time finding a movie to stream, Solarmovie would be your best shot. Second is the much-needed filter, Top IMDB. Once could directly head to this list of Top IMDB movies and start streaming them on Solarmovies. I know many other sites have this, but as I said the combination of these two reasons makes Solarmovies one of the best movie streaming sites.

#3 Putlocker.is

Putlocker has been in the game of streaming movies since long and it has created a separate set of viewers or rather customers, who watch movies online only on Putlocker. On the homepage itself, there’s a search engine with various parameters that can be used but the viewers to find an appropriate movie to stream. Apart from this, users can scan a list of movies with respect to their release year. Right from 1996 to 2017, you could find any and every movie. Also, Putlocker is free from ads and provides a pleasant interface.

#4 Rainderland.Ws

I know most of the readers would be hearing the name for the first time. Even I came across this site for the first time while researching for this list. But the fact is that this site must have been inspired from 123movies/Gomovies as the design and interface show huge similarity. In a nutshell, I won’t mind calling this simply a mirror site of Gomovies. You will find HD movies from most of the categories here. There’s also an advantage of using Rainderland. Since not many people know about it, unlike 123movies, there are few chances of Rainderland servers going down.

#5 Watchfree.to

I believe that in some ways, this site is associated with Putlocker as the homepage of Watchfree displays top movies from Putlocker. The website doesn’t have a hotshot design to impress the viewers. There are only movies and the list goes on, page after page. You could sort the movies based on genres, release date, etc. I couldn’t spot a single ad on Watchfree. All in all, the sites is a pretty good option for users who aren’t able to access the sites above in the list.

#6 Tinklepad.at

If you’re planning to watch tv series and have come this far in the list, then please skip Tinklepad, no tv series can be found on tinklepad. But if you’re a movie person, then there are more than 50,000 movies waiting to be streamed. The user interface is very clean and every movie has been tagged with IMDB ratings which help users make a proper choice while selecting a movie to watch. There are various criteria to sort movies, even list them according to the year in which they were released.

#7 Xmovies8.ru

Xmovies8 could make you feel a little better since the interface & design looks premium. They have a slider on homepage which displays the latest movies & highlights of the month that were added. Most of the movies are available to stream in HD quality. Registration is optional and you could stream any movie being a guest. However, being a registered user would give you the rights to request movies. Requested movies are updated frequently paying heed to the demands of users. However, there are ads on the site, for revenue purposes, which facilitate such features.

#8 Movie4k.tv

Movies4k is popular due to a huge database of movies. The only thing which could compel me to watch a movie on Movie4k, is because I couldn’t find it anywhere else. I’m not a good fan of the UI on movie4k. The aesthetics at Movie4k are awful and always make me wanna go away from the site. But the fact of the matter is that Movie4K has a wide variety of collection as far as movies & tv series are concerned.

#9 Icefilms.info

in my opinion, Icefilms is one of the most innocent movies streaming site. I love how cute those sections of “Trending Now”, Recently Added Episodes”, “Recently Added Movies”, etc look. The everyday uploads are displayed on the homepage. The best part is how they have also included “Stand Up” along with movies & tv shows. Icefilms have beautifully executed all these small little things which have made me a huge fan of theirs. They also have a forum where you can interact with people and discuss episodes & movies.

#10 Vumoo.li

Vumoo is probably one of the oldest sites in the category of movies streaming. Their design looks vastly similar to that of Netflix. I must give them some accolades for ending up looking like Netflix. Needless to say, there are all sorts of bookmarks like “Popular This Week”, which can be found on Netflix. The only annoying part of Vumoo is pop-up ads. They appear everywhere and one might not even be able to notice when a new pop-up ad opens up in a separate window. However, there some really good movies which can be found on Vumoo & users can stream them in HD for free.


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