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Imagine all there is to the Pokemon go game and add a little more to it. This little more becomes a lot more with Pokemesh Apk. Sitting in a Boeing 747, or on your couch, this Apk lets you play Pokemon Go from anywhere. It is like magic which takes you across anywhere on the map, while you are seated on your couch.

Imagine all those traffic conditions bypassed, those rough terrains outside overlooked, and the accidents averted. You may say, Pokemon go is giving us the thrill of a real Pokemon trainer. Well, I would have to disagree, firstly because you are looking at your screen. Secondly, there aren’t any real Pokemon, it’s just in the game! So why create troubles for others, when you can, all the more, do better in the game by just installing Pokemesh Apk.

pokemesh apk for android

Why Pokemesh? It’s features!

While Pokemesh Apk allows you to play from anywhere, all over the map, it also has other interesting features. It helps you gain a significant advantage over other gamers, in terms of score and Pokemon collections. Helps you multitask, while still keep you available for that unexpected addition to your Pokemon family.

  • Helps Pokemon trainers to check real-time Pokemon makers.
  • Provides you with a hidden tuner for each Pokemon on the map. You can strategize your next moves.
  • Facilitates you in scanning any location on the map by just tap and hold over that region on the map. Talk about presence all over the world.
  • The tools are movable anywhere on the map with the help of address bar.
  • Over the map, this app displays Pokestops, Pokemon characters and gym to earn your badge.
  • This Apk runs on both, Android and IOS platforms. You can also run it on your PC/laptop with emulators.
  • Last but not the least, it lets you access the whole map and play the game from any location, with no hassle.


This amazing facilitator app does have a couple of drawbacks.

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  • It drains your battery very fast, and I press on the ‘very’ here. So, if you are using it over your phone, then better get a power bank.
  • This is just not a real con! The con is (for some) that it’s not in the spirit of the game.

How To Install Pokemesh?

It is fairly simple to install this Apk. As we have already mentioned, Pokemesh Apk is compatible with all major operating systems. Follow the steps below to install over any operating system:

  • Using this link install the latest version of Pokemesh for iOS or android.

For iOS:

  • Once downloaded through the given link, the Apk will be saved to your files.
  • Click on the Apk and then proceed to click on yes. You will be asked if it’s a trusted app, you just accept it and proceed.
  • You are ready to run Pokemesh on your iPhone or iPad.

For Android:

  • Go to settings, then security settings of your Android smartphone and check the box for download from ‘unknown sources’.
  • Download Pokemesh from this link.
  • After the download is complete, you see a pop up in the notifications, click it and install.

For PC/laptops:

  • Download  Android emulator from this link.
  • After downloading and installing, follow the steps for Android smartphone.
  • Pokemesh Apk would be downloaded in the set downloads folder; right click it and chose open with ‘Android emulator’.
  • You are ready to use Pokemesh from your PC/laptop.

In a nutshell

Pokemesh has been created to take your Pokemon Go experience to an altogether higher level. It has been created to make the life hassle-free for everyone. It is fairly simple to use and adds a great deal to enrich your experience as a Pokemon trainer. It’s like Ash’ Pokédex!

If you have any queries or know how’s you need to figure out about Pokemesh, feel free to leave a comment. Don’t waste time and catch some legendary ones now!

Updated: December 4, 2017 — 8:09 am

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