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There seems to be a lot of queries around, so as to, where can I listen to music for free. Music is everything, it is in everything. There is nothing more unifying in the essence of all things worldly or otherwise other than music (include art with music). It is the bridge between one living to the other and beyond. So when we look for music, and mind you we are in the digital age, we find that we need to pay either to download or stream music.

At times like these, ItemVN comes to our rescue. It is an online platform where you can stream music for free (provided you have an Internet connection, duh). With this platform, there is no need to fill up your memory space and slow down your device (especially if its a mobile). The best part of it (which I feel is, and you can differ) is, that it lets you search and play instantly any music that you feel like listening to at that moment. There is no need to bind yourself to a set list on your hard drive.

music download sites like itemvn

Now, that you know what ItemVN does, you would be interested in knowing more choices at your disposal, similar to it. This is exactly why we have come up this blog. There are some amazing other platforms, just like ItemVN, to quench your dry throat on those long drives.

From the below list you can choose the platform best suited to your desires.


Spotify took the digital world by storm, when it came to streaming music online. It has a humongous list of artists, albums and songs in its vault. When you are low on internet and can’t take your mind off a track, you can even download songs for free. With just one account over Spotify, you can access the platform from any device, be it mobile, tablet, PC, car or gaming console. You can set your own playlist for the rampage mode on GTA or maybe Dota. The user interface of this site is very easy to navigate and browse. It has something for every age group, and from every genre, be it the Jimi’ pathbreaking psychedelics from 60’s or Wiz Khalifa’ dope high song, Spotify has got it all and a lot more, and for free! The only downside, it is not available in some countries. Well, in that case, get a VPN for the device.

Groove Shark

A very simple to use online platform to stream your favourite music. You can search for any song and stream it online, without the hassle of registration (though you can always register for an account). Upon searching the song, you can see the song streaming directly on the platform (you don’t need a third party connection, so beware!). I searched for a Robert Johnson song and it was there; meaning, you don’t have to worry about the era of song you crave for.


Another amazing site for the folks out there waiting for free music streaming. You can create an account over this site with either Facebook or Google. It has an astronomical collection of music loaded on its servers. Apart from the already available collection of songs of every genre and era, it frequently updates its libraries with new songs. You can set your playlist and then stream for free over any device with your account (creating an account is free too). Its quiver is never empty and every time you visit this platform, you might find new music to choose from. Talk about hard choices! Its user interface is pretty cool as well and easy to navigate you through the platform and land you at your wishful music stop. Like a few other online platforms on this list, it’s only drawback is, that it is still to launch in some countries.


Yes, you read it right, Vevo! The same channel which provides you high-quality music videos over YouTube. Vevo is dedicated to providing users with the best quality (audio and video). You can find almost every music video over Vevo and it would be in the best of quality over the entire internet. It has themed playlists to suit a wide range of occasions, along with the freedom to create your own playlist. Creating an account over Vevo is easy and free. Again, needless to say, you find all the genres here from different eras along with different types of videos. It is great, go to platform for free music videos. The only drawback about this digital platform is, that it is still unavailable in some countries.

Jamendo Music

Talk about a social platform dedicated to music lovers. This is ‘the hipster’ among platforms on this list. The user interface of this app is devilishly cool as you can search for the trending and latest tracks from different genres right on the home screen. Apart from that, you can search for any track over different genres by clicking on the genres. It also has radio stations listed to cater to your needs. It does not stop there, you can communicate with other people, with music as your common language. Setting playlists and watching other’s playlist is just an icing on the cake. Viewing upcoming music artists is made easy with their posts feature. The genres available, are vivid, from jazz to techno. This is ‘my favourite’ platform among the rest on this list.

8 Tracks

Last, but certainly not the least, here is another cool and amazing to drown you in the trance of music. It’s a platform with playlists, rather than single tracks, at its core. You can find playlists created by music lovers such as yourself for almost any scene. You need a party mix, 8 tracks has it, or you are having that nerdy feeling inside you, 8 tracks got that covered too. The playlists are categorized from popular to party mix and much more. You can also leave your review on the playlists in the comments section of it. Tags over each playlist help you added choices in each listed category of playlists available. It’s all free and it’s all in 8’s.

These were a list of sites and apps or both available to suffice your music needs with having to pay a dime for anything. Let us know if you are facing any problem with any of these sites. Oh! I remember, some of them are geo blocked. Not to worry at all, click the link here, select VPN which you wish to download. Search over google and download VPN to ward off those gatekeepers.

Go on now, make peace and love and forget the war, let your soul travel the horizons of the unknown!

Updated: November 19, 2017 — 9:21 am

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