Is 123 Movies Safe & Legal? [Review]

Is 123movies illegal? Is 123movies safe to use? We’re going to answer all such questions here. A movie streaming website such as 123 Movies is a boon for a great many viewers simply because it allows a free access to all kinds of content of different genres. Movies are available in HD, non-HD, pirated and non-pirated formats. So, the very obvious and pertinent question that arises in everyone’s mind is: “Is streaming movies through 123 Movies or similar websites Safe and Legal?” Here is an attempt to answer this pressing question that concerns us all. Read on to have a clear view and a quick insight on the topic.

Well, we all know how stringent the governments all across the world are, with piracy. For the very simple reason is that If they let it loose, the entertainment industry will face huge losses. Every one of us is aware of the Kickass Torrents owner arrest. Post that, tons of torrent websites have been blocked all around the globe. However, this doesn’t mean that torrent has been eradicated. They still exist, it’s just that the access to them through torrent sites has been blocked. Unlike torrent sites, the 123movies connects directly to these torrent files in order to stream movies & tv series, cutting short the process and serving the purpose. Sometimes, 123movie may not work and there are very common reasons.

Is 123movies Safe To Use?

Yes, it is completely safe and legal. It is probably one of the most popular movies streaming websites with million-plus users world over. Just because pirated contents are freely available doesn’t mean it is illegal to stream these movies online. It is legal. The reason being, it’s not the viewer who is liable for the quality and authenticity of the content but the one who has sourced or made it available on the platform. And it is also safe to use because it is not one of those websites that pose threat to your device through hacking or virus transmission. The sole idea behind creating this website is to create a wide network of users who can freely enjoy all kind of movies and TV shows.

As a matter of fact, we all agree that piracy is non-ethical. There are thousands and lakhs of people who work every day to deliver entertainment and their efforts need to be appreciated by paying tickets and watching a movie in a theatre or subscribing to official streaming services like Netflix. These are my personal thoughts, but since you guys are here to know if 123movies is legal & safe or not, I’ll do that. 123movie is completely safe to use. Some people are worried about malware and they ask, is 123movies virus free or is 123movies safe from viruses? I’d say yes, 123movies for android is pretty much safe from viruses, but make such you do not land on a fake 123movies site.

Is 123 Movies AD Free?

A super-annoying factor for a number of users is the constant pop-up of ads. And 123 Movies isn’t free of ads either. It contains ads. But that shouldn’t be a problem for users as they can block the ads by simply downloading an ad/pop-up blocker on their device and have an uninterrupted movie-viewing experience. Seen from a developer’s perspective ads are very important as they are a means to revenue generation. However, as an end user, you can do away with the ads by installing an ad-blocker.

Is 123movies legal to watch? Before answering this question, I will ask one more question. Have you ever heard that someone got arrested for downloading torrents? No right! 123movies also pulls the data from torrents, and here you’re not even downloading anything. You’re just streaming movies/tv series on “123movies” which in turn is pulling the data from torrent. Hence, I can assure that 123movies is legal & safe to use.

Standout features of 123 Movies:

  • It has a mammoth digital collection with thousands of movie titles to choose from. 
  • You can request for a particular title that isn’t on the list if you have an account with 123 Movies.
  • It’s not compulsory to register or sign up in order to watch your favorite movie or TV show.
  • Since the movies are freely available on the website, you don’t need to share your debit/credit card details in order to buy them.
  • Titles are available in different qualities CAM, SD and HD. 
  • Contents have been arranged according to genre, country, movies, TV series etc.
  • One can watch movies and catch up his/her favorite show while traveling abroad in countries like India, China, USA, UK etc.


You should feel free to download any movie or TV Show form this website and enjoy the free service to its fullest. We would love to have your feedback on the topic. You can also leave your valuable suggestion in the comment box below. And we will get back to you as soon as possible. If for any reason you feel that 123movies is not safe, then there are other sites like 123movies which you must check out.

Updated: November 3, 2017 — 10:30 am

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